We've been serving customers since 1991.

At Amtrax, we're passionate about empowering businesses and individuals with cutting-edge software solutions. We’ve built Amtrax Fleet Management, a transport system to control maintenance of large fleets and service the world’s third largest quarry operation in UAE.

A number of large-scale organisations use our tailored Online Membership System to maintain their extensive subscriber lists for periodic mailouts.

Why Choose Us

Collaborative Approach
We work closely with you throughout the process. Our in-depth understanding of various industries allows us to address your challenges effectively.
Privacy and Security
Our team adhere to the latest industry standards and best practice, ensuring your data and IP remain safe against any threats.
Clients Come First
We’re committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your software operates flawlessly and efficiently.
Meet the team
Jon Donald, MBA, Dip Mgt, Dip CM, AFAIMPresident
Jon has wide-ranging experience in senior management positions within private sector. His skills in interpreting customers' requirements are invaluable in the process of creating successful software solutions. His Masters degree in International Business Administration has proved valuable in dealing with offshore clients.

As head of Amtrax, a New Zealand-based software design and development company, for the past 10 years, Jon has intimate knowledge of the technology sector coupled with the proven ability to operate and grow a successful tech-based company.
Lee R. McLeod, Vice President, Security
Before joining Amtrax, Lee served as the Network Security Program Manager for Coors Brewing Company, the third largest brewing company in the United States; Director of Information Security for Worldwide Security Services, LTD, a multinational security company; and as the Information Security Manager for General Electric Aircraft Engines, the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft engines.

Lee has an extensive background in physical/IT security based on his military service, his support of classified projects for various governmental agency, and his oversight of proprietary information for a large brewing company.
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